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stay tuned for the latest updates!


    More text and pictures comming soon!

  2. 2019/04/23: GPS and directions
    It seems that is is somehow hard to find the event location. 
    Therefore we provided the exact GPS coordinates in the welcome mail and on this website. 
    If using a mobile device you can directly click on the link and the device will start the navigation for you. 

    Link to the coordinates

  3. 2019/04/22: 10 Days & 10 places!
    Time is ticking and as it seems we have to close down the registration very soon. 

    So be sure to secure your place NOW!

  4. 2019/04/12: Did you notice?
    Just 20 days left! 

    Have you registered yet? And paid? 
    We still have a very high demand so be sure to secure your place!

  5. 2019/03/31: We overrun the limit!

    We reached our limit with over 300 registrations.  
    The "car&camping" area is full be we managed to extend the "car only" area. 
    So we still can welcome a little more roadsters!

  6. 2019/03/25: Be sure to reserve your place!
    Over the weekend we cleared out some pending registrations
    and now have about 12 places left. 

    So be sure to reserve your place today!

    290 registrations! 
    Just 10 places left!

  8. 2019/03/10: Schedule updated!
    Take a look at the latest cool stuf we have planed for you.

    By the way: 260 registrations by now. Just 40 places left! Hurry up!!

  9. 2019/02/24: NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!
    Our destination for Sunday will be castle Drachenfels (dragon's rock) 
    we'll set the rack railway parking as meeting point. There we have  
    arranged a special tarif for those interested visiting the castle up in the hills 

    We are just fixing the prices for drinks,
    so no need to fill up you car's booth! 

    There will be space for motorhomes at the venue location! 
    Please contact us for we only have limited number available.

  10. 2019/02/23:
    We'll capture a dragon for you! 
    Stay tuned for news regarding the final day of the event. 
    Details coming soon!

  11. 2019/02/17:
    Did YOU already register? 
    We have 216 car registrations by now, so there are just 84 left! 

  12. 2019/02/05:
    The magic breakthrough!

    car registrations and increasing

  13. 2019/02/03:
    88 Days to go!
    196 car registrations!
    327 fellow Roadster fans!

  14. 2019/01/02:
    Happy New Year to everyone!
    We updated the hotel list and added some new accommodation.

    Did you notice? Just 120 days left!

  15. 2018/12/23:
    The Roadster Times Team wishes you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays.
    Looking forward seeing you all in May!

  16. 2018/12/13:
    We just could arrange that all campers can have a free shower at the nearby Wiedtalbach indoor pool. For those who want to spend some more time in the pool they will offer a special tarif for us!

  17. 2018/12/11:
    We crossed the centerline! 152 Roadsters have already joined in,
    still 148 to go. Fingers crossed for the big 300!

  18. 2018/12/05: 
    A small update to the website layout

  19. 2018/12/04:
    We added some more hotels,
    some of the listed ones are already sold out!

  20. 2018/12/01:
    We now have registrations from 11 countries - over 140 Roadsters
    and still over 150 days to go! Let's have a Roadster party!

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